A space romance

Gravity, communication, romanticism and technology - these are the main ingredients of the musical theatre performance devised and performed by schindelkilliusdutschke, directed by Matthias Rebstock.

The three musicians and performers strive for "lunar relief" while remembering and transforming great moments of the "race into space". They recall the tragic fates of some two- and fourlegged space pioneers, embodying or even "dancing" circular and linear theories of space.

Striving to escape earthly sorrow, privation and clumsiness they finally sing and dream themselves away, "quasi una fantasia" into a lunar refuge someplace in the Sea of Moisture, Sea of Serenity, Sea of Tranquility.

Astrophysics however proves: it is not us who are fleeing to the moon, but rather the moon which is fleeing from us: currently by 1.5 inches per year. Hold on to her! We need our unstable but constant companion.