Passengers in the skittle basement

A musical guided tour with schindelkilliusdutschke.

As you cross the "Passage" in Karl-Marx-Straße 131-133, Berlin, you are actually walking along the roof of a ruined subterranean skittle-alley. Built as early as 1909, the "Passage" followed the "Thiel'sche Festsäle" as an amusement complex. Complete with ballroom, restaurant, cinema and skittle-alley, the "Passage" looks back on a long and eventful history. Its many uses ranged from film screenings, puppet theatre and drama performances to poultry exhibitions and furniture storage. Alongside various spiritualist, musical, political and cultural activities there was always skittling in the basement.

Let schindelkilliusdutschke take you down into a world long past: from above the busy noise of city life faintly descends onto the remnants of this amusement site shut down a long time ago. Down here you listen and see differently and you find the unexpected. Surrounded by the dust of history we ourselves become passengers on a trip through time in which our guides, the three performers and musicians, will tune our ears for the music and sounds issuing from objects and stories found on the wayside.