Chamber Music Theatre

In their first production as schindelkilliusdutschke, the trio combined an earlier joint project, "Tafelmusik" (2003), with miniatures by the composers Georges Aperghis, John Cage and Dieter Schnebel, all of which are known for their dramatized music works.

Volker Schindel starts with "Poem für einen Springer" (Poem for a Jumper) by Schnebel, Rainer Killius then follows with "Aria" for solo voice by Cage. Finally Tobias Dutschke performs "Le corps à corps" for one percussionist and his zarb by Aperghis.

These solos are followed by "Tafelmusik", in which the trio sits down at table munching their way through irrepressible treasuries of songs, through basic food as well as Konrad, Kaspar and Philipp, characters taken from the children's book "Shockheaded Peter".